Дата проведения: 30 Ноября
Формат: Вебинар
Место проведения: онлайн
Организатор: IAB Belarus

IAB Belarus организовывает вебинар совместно с Дэниэлом Кнаппом – международным экспертом в digital рекламе, чтобы обсудить, что происходит на мировом digital рынке в конце 2020 года. Вебинар состоится 30 ноября, начало в 16.00.

Спикер: Daniel Knapp Chief Economist, IAB Europe


Dr. Daniel Knapp is Chief Economist at IAB Europe. He is an advertising and media analyst with more than 15 years of international experience. He has served in leadership roles spanning market analysis, strategic advisory, and business intelligence. Daniel spent 11 years at IHS Markit, latterly as Executive Director for Technology, Media and Telecoms. He was also an associated expert on media and AI at the European Commission. Daniel received his PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE) on the sociology of algorithms and the datafication of media. In addition to his role at IAB Europe, he is CSO at Twins Digital, a marketing services company, and partner at Ecuiti, a data science firm.

Тема: Perfect storm and silver lining: how the 2020 experience will reboot digital advertising


The double impact of Covid-19, the end of third-party cookies, cultural and social changes: 2020 created a perfect storm for advertising. But doom and gloom stories are overstated, data tells a different story. History will see 2020 as the beginning of a new era for digital advertising, where incremental change gives way to accelerated transformation where years of change are compressed into months. A new world of advertising is in the making, and we can witness and architect it in real time. This presentation highlights the the positive outcomes of 2020 and how digital advertising, and in particular publishers, can conquer the future.

Кому будет интересен вебинар:

— маркетологам
— digital-специалистам
— владельцам бизнеса и руководителям
— рекламным агентствам.

Вебинар будет проходить на английском языке. Это отличная возможность пообщаться и задать интересующие вас вопросы.

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